Friday, November 3, 2017

A Crazy Quilt Block for Studio e Fabrics

This summer, Pepper Cory called me and asked me to make a 16 1/2'' block for her.  The only rule was that I had to use the Peppered Cotton Fabrics  she designed for Studio e Fabrics. I l thought its sounded like a fun project and I loved the idea that there was only one rule, so I had the freedom to do what I wanted.

I think Pepper was surprised when I picked out all green fabrics, but it is a current design mode I am in right now.  I use solids for my fabrics and then I use contrasting threads so my stitches really pop.  If I am going to go to all the work of spending hours doing embroidery, I really want to be able to see them!

So here are the colors that I picked:

I was so pleased when they came and I got right to work with them making a fan block.

I chose pink threads so that they would contrast and show up really well on the fabric and it was so easy to embroider on it.

Here is a close up of the fabric.  I just loved the feel of it!

I was honored to be asked to work on this project and here is a list of the other designers that participated in the projects.

They are from:
Sue Pelland Designs;
Janice Pope of Anything But Boring Designs
Valerie Bothell;
Robin Koehler;
Barbara Black;
Kelly Ashton;
Susan Marth;
Kathy Delaney Quilter;
Bonnie K Hunter;
Gyleen X. Fitzgerald;
Pepper Cory;

Have a great day!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hello there!

Hi there!

It has been awhile since I have done a blog post, but it doesn't mean I haven't been stitching!  For the past 2 1/2 years, I have been working on a large project that turned into a book!  I began a Face Book group called Joyful Embellishments to encourage everyone to stitch daily.  Sometimes when I am working on a large project, it seems overwhelming, but I found that if you make a daily stitching goal for yourself the project becomes manageable, at least in my experience!

After I started the Face Book group (which you may join at anytime!), I decided that I wanted to start a crazy quilt where every stitch on it was different, not one seam would be the same.  I decided on a goal of 250 different seams but as that goal came to an end, I pieced more blocks and I ended up with over 500 different seam treatments on my crazy quilt.  It was so much fun to challenge myself as I did one or two seams a day.  I am so pleased that what started out as a personal challenge, became a book and I hope that it will encourage you to do some daily stitching also!

Have a great day!